Hi. I'm an 19 year old artist who also happens to be Autistic.

I think this gives me an unusual view of the world which i hope you enjoy.

I create paintings combining lots of unusual textures with acrylic paints and pieces of fused glass. I make the glass myself.

I also create fused original glass art pieces, usually starting with small glass powders and glass granules - called frit. This is all fused in a kiln I have in our garage. Some of these are what end up on my paintings

Thanks for visiting. Tierney.

My Fused Glass

My fused glass art is already available in several shops as well as from my website. My bug and butterfly pictures are also on sale at the award winning Dr Beynon’s Bug Farm and restaurant in St Davids https://www.thebugfarm.co.uk/

A bit more about me

I like painting things a lot using different shades of colour. Its also how I make my fused glass, using glass instead of paint. I also like to write stories and poems. I first started to really like painting when I was 15 so quite late in life.

I also like going to the theatre and the cinema because it is exciting and there are many things to see. In fact I enjoy all types of entertainment, It also helps with my painting to inspire all the ideas I could have to do my next canvas.  

My favourite theatre experience was Cirque Berserk, I saw lots of motorbikes, they were very loud, five of them even fitted into a big ball called the Sphere of Fear. I was thrilled and frightened of the speed they were going at. I’m back off to see them again this New Year.

Mokki and the Moscinians

About 4 years ago I wrote my first book. All the printed copies are sold but the link below opens a digital copy. Its about a world I created called Moscinia and the characters that live there. They come to our world to eat things and cause havoc. I wrote it all and designed the Moscinians and my mother made the little models you see. Oh and my dad photographed them.

A poem about Fire and Ice

My Painting: Fire and Ice.                        January 2018
When I started to paint, I used hot colours for the red side and cool ones for the blue side. I wanted to show what I could do with the textures. I had to put lots of water on the brush to make the paint flow. I wanted to get the idea of it moving. I made my picture richer in colour by moving the brush up and down. My painting is called ‘Fire and Ice’.

Fire and Ice    January 2018
It’s hot and it’s cold, the colours are rich and bold.
Little spots drop like ice, they drop once, then twice.
The cold sea is deep and dark, dark as the black night sky.
It’s a long way down to the bottom of the seabed.
Delight is not there, it’s sad and gloomy instead.
There’s no happiness in sight, beware there is no light!
What could be in the deepest, darkest part?
Could it be a whale or shark?
The other side is hot and it burns!
The lava is dangerous at every turn.
Be careful not to touch
The fire is too much!
Black rocks are hard, sharp and are like many knives!


My Technique in close up

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