All about me          25.1.18

I like painting things a lot using different shades of colour. I also like to write stories and poems. I first started to really like painting when I was in year 5. I started using different brushes, I sometimes needed to go into finer detail, I had to be careful not to go over the lines. I liked painting about the sky, land and trees. I thought about the shapes of the trees. I could mix some colours into new ones. I darkened the trees with a deep green, I added brown for the trunks. I thought about them in every season from winter to autumn.

I also like going to the theatre and the cinema because it is exciting and there are many things to see. I recently saw a film called ‘Wonder’ at the showcase with the school. I really enjoyed that. I like getting all the ideas I would have for my painting.

I really enjoy going to the theatre. Many theatres are located in London, I usually eat at a restaurant before I see anything, I enjoy all types of entertainment that’s heard or seen, I get there a lot by train since the station is close to my house. It also helps with my painting to inspire all the ideas I could have to do my next canvas.  

The atmosphere is exciting, its smells are beautiful and its actors are great especially the ones who play important parts. I like waiting for the curtains to go up before a show starts, the stage and sounds are amazing. When I look around I feel happy, calm and delighted. My favourite theatre experience was Cirque Berserk, I saw lots of motorbikes, they were very loud, five of them even fitted into a big ball called the Sphere of Fear. I was thrilled and frightened of the speed they were going at.