Nighttime beach: Dark blue sky, silver light shining on the sea, blue-green sea with a few glass boats floating on it and a orange-yellow sand made from pebbles it is much bigger due to its large size. 


Fire and ice: Red hot on one side and cold blue on the other! With small dots at the top and big ones in the middle including the smallest and largest glass circles, the blue/red dots let out drops of ice and fire but not all at once! 


Undersea city: Green blue sky with a dark yellow circle with white lines around it, glass kabuchants above the glass sticks, dark purple at the very bottom. 


After Sunset seaside: A smaller version compared to the improved product, fewer glass boats, a dark sky blue, orange sand and green blue sea made from fabric. 


Not so Lonely tree: What’s better than having one glass tree? Two of course! There’s an orange and grey background with little to no texture included, there’s also a grey path leading to the trekes