A poem about Fire and Ice

My Painting: Fire and Ice.                        January 2018
When I started to paint, I used hot colours for the red side and cool ones for the blue side. I wanted to show what I could do with the textures. I had to put lots of water on the brush to make the paint flow. I wanted to get the idea of it moving. I made my picture richer in colour by moving the brush up and down. My painting is called ‘Fire and Ice’.

Fire and Ice    January 2018
It’s hot and it’s cold, the colours are rich and bold.
Little spots drop like ice, they drop once, then twice.
The cold sea is deep and dark, dark as the black night sky.
It’s a long way down to the bottom of the seabed.
Delight is not there, it’s sad and gloomy instead.
There’s no happiness in sight, beware there is no light!
What could be in the deepest, darkest part?
Could it be a whale or shark?
The other side is hot and it burns!
The lava is dangerous at every turn.
Be careful not to touch
The fire is too much!
Black rocks are hard, sharp and are like many knives!


My Technique in close up